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RJ Anchoring is one of respected profession in our country Nepal.In this profession we can earn name fame n money at one same time when working in any radio station. in this training we train specially  two diferent types of anchoring one is Basic  RJ Anchoring course and the another is Advance RJ Anchoring . We are not giving the training only but also the experience . we provide the good job opertunities to our excelant  n desirable students. practical n theory classes are conducting every day beside suturday.

How to Become a Radio  Jockey 

A radio  jockey  works for radio stations and selects and broadcasts music for an audience. Radio RJs may specialize in a specific type of music, such as rock and roll, R&B, rap, country, soft rock or alternative. In addition to music, radio  jockey RJs may also make comments about any news related to politics, pop culture or sports and inform their audience about weather and traffic. To get started in the field, RJs might have to work varied early morning or late night shifts. There is often strong competition for these jobs, and those with a college education might have the best employment prospects.

Job Requirements

While RJs don't technically need to complete any formal education requirements, many in the field have bachelor's degrees in journalism or broadcasting. Additionally, as a student, individuals can participate in internships or work for the campus radio station in order to learn the skills needed for the career. 


  Common Requirements
Degree Level Bachelor's degree is typically preferred for the best payment .or Normal literature able to read n write
Degree Name Communications, broadcast journalism or any other or Special RJ Anchoring Training 
Experience Experience as a RJ will be valued over education/ Have Advance training n Internship from Derby Media . In Radio Derby
Key Skills Good communication and interpersonal skills as well as exceptional articulation and pronunciation
Computer Skills Must be proficient with computers, broadcast-related equipment and editing equipment
Technical Skills Prospective RJs must be able to operate a sound board that will feature advertisements, sound effects and music

Prospective radio RJs need to get experience on air, and students may be able to find opportunities with their Practical radio station.Derby's radio stations typically provide a hands-on environment where students may gain real-world experience in the broadcast field. This stations often broadcast 24 hours a day. Students learn about Media's rules, broadcasting law and ethics as well as personnel management and station programming while being provided with a chance to get on air to each and every Student.