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 Most Respected career, Media Personality Want to Be?

Everybody in this world have one ambition One Passion, One aim In Life. Just have to know, what is that? To be a popular one? To be a reach one? Or to be a succeed one? The Question may what ever the answer may be the only one, to be three of three those all at once. The best career to achieve these all is the career of media line. Media field is best platform to be popular, reach n succeed in life. Who doesn’t want to be a media person in this modern era?

The electronic media is most effective media in our Nepal. Nepal government has permitted Maximum Three hundreds radio fm station to broadcast and lots of Television to telecast. We have uncountable paper medias to read in Nepal .all media has is own specialties. In this ways our country is growing up golden career opportunities in media field. Obviously a radio or TV station really need at list twenty excellent Men Powers as employee.  The media person who works in several media they have their one name popularity. They are respected in the society and earning enough money as well.

Even though there are very good opportunities in media, maximum publics are innocent about these opportunities. They are just being a crazy listener or viewers of radio FM or TV only. They don’t have the idea, how to be a media person at all. Who know they try to study or learn about media from Collage or Institute. In Fact, to be a media personality the interested fellow should join Journalism n mass communication in college level or should take vocational media training from quality media training institutes. In vocational training there are many more subjects like. Radio Jockey, video jockey, Stage program anchoring, news reporting, news anchoring or reading, FM/ TV technician training. We can see the numerical media institutes in our city. But we should choose the best media training institute to be a excellent media personality. In gendered of institute here‘s a genuine media training institute named DERBY International media training institute. Derby media lies in the heart of Kathmandu putalisadak, nearby Shankar dev campus. Derby is Nepal’s Number one media training center   for the quality training. IT has started FM Technician classes first time in Nepal. During these six years from stabilized it has produced more than four hundreds sincere, excellent media personalities for several media sector. Maximum students are working in Radio /TV station, in Paper media and in production house or deferent other offices after training in Nepal and abroad .as we are collecting the report of derby we found it is popular media for its quality training with job replacement services. Derby’s Practical Radio Station is a main attraction of the facilities for students. Where   RJ Students will be given   a real technical experience. Strong theory classes by export n experienced teacher are valued for all keen students. According to Its manager Pabita khanal derby always motivates its  students to be a master copy not to be a copy n its encourage to lead the media not be in media only. She Said, “We are so proud to see our Students in each and every Radio n TV stations of Nepal.” In the view of the ex- student Nishma Dulal, she said.”Derby has inspired me that I can also contribute toward nation through media field .I always had a dream of working as VJ while Derby helped me to bring my dream come true. Here I am working now as program presenter and as producer at Bhakti Darshan television, I am really glad to be the part of it. So on Sadhana Ghimire Said, ‘Derby has been the best choice of mine as I trained me and helped me in getting up my dream to become the RJ. Before, I had always dreamed to be a part of media but I was lost thinking how? Derby has provided me the path to become RJ. Currently I am working at Gorkha FM 93 Mhz. I am really happy.’

Derby was established in 2008   AD with the strong mission to promote the media field by producing very well and excellent trained manpower for the best output through media. Derby is very popular in public for its most useful subjects training of the Speech Art Public speaking and personality development courses. many more celebrities, social worker, doctors , engineers ,teachers, businessman, bankers and politicians  had taken this training and they all got that confident which they needed for their better career. Mr. Dinesh Khanal ,the director of Derby said ,’ the keen interest  fellows  who want to be media  person, they should approach to Derby International once, whether some are coming after visited or trained from other institute for advance training. I declare about no waste of your precious time and money here. Public on - Fursad Nepal Entertainment Magazine 1st sept 2015