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MC Anchoring is Mass Presentation  profession. In this profession we can earn name fame n money directly .It helps to make a large n good puplic relationship in the society .MC is a person who introduces guests, speakers, or performers at a formal or informal  event .In this training we train  Advance . We have big seminar hall for MC Anchoring training as we desine demostration program in the class hour.Stage or Formal / informal program are the most obligatated event  in this develping world so on there are an uncountable opertunities potencially .We provide the golden job opertunities to our excelant  n desirable students whene we got demands from  many  several organization to make our student professional
MC Anchor.

 Being a Master of Ceremonies (M.C.) or giving a speech can be fun if a person understands what is expected of him and has the knowledge of what to say, as well as how to say it. According to Derby  an M.C. is a person in charge of a ceremony or entertainment who makes sure that all parts of the program take place in proper order. At a club dance the speaker may make the announcements for the evening and introduce special guests. At meetings a person may want to speak on subjects that are brought up before the assembly. At festivals or big affairs, the M.C. may have the job of introducing many callers and special guests, some of whom the M.C. may not know. By following a few rules and practice, the part of an M.C. can be fun.

M.C. Can Earn a lots of money as his /her dedication n demands from only one program .